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Tisca added some color to her look by way of accessories at a recent book launch! How we heart her necklace… What should have been a home run though is ruined by her visible innerwear! A pity!


Tisca Chopra At A Book Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love the look and her makeup and hair as well. My only peeve is the bag. That lipstick red is a bit too bright and not the right hue for the cool colors she is doing.

  2. DAmnnn this is the mom from tare zameen per???? wow!! I think she looks so great and young!!! THe inner wear aint that noticable.

  3. what are talking about? we have seen worse inner wear exposure…
    she is positively glowing and looking so radiant….
    fresh and graceful, which is a rare sighting nowdays….

  4. kind of, sorta love it. =)

    Tisca has lost a lot of weight since Taare Zameen Par. well she’s a gorgeous woman who looks great either way. since her weight loss, she kind of resembles Gauhar Khan (a big compliment!).

  5. Wendell Rodericks told my friend’s mom that a lady must always wear beige-biscuit-nude innerwear since that is the only way to go baby!

  6. I love it…except fo rthe innerwear
    I love the clashing of the red, especially with the turquoise in her necklace
    …the bag itself is a bit fulgy though

  7. i honestly didnt even notice the innerwear till i read the blurb
    and i was wonering why it was an ‘almost’
    she completely nailed the look an i can totally forgive the little trasperency of the top just because she looks SOOO nice
    love the necklace and the bag

  8. white and denim!! my favorite combination.
    i think she looks great. the innerwear can be excused. the bag couldve been a little less chili red.

  9. she’s a beautiful woman with a great sense of style. she doesn’t look anything like gauhar khan. she looks a million times nicer than gauhar.

  10. God she looks so summery fresh……..gotta cop that look soon!! ;-)
    Totally lovin the necklace too…….yeah the innerwear marred the effect a bit, but apart from that she’s looking fab!

  11. come on guys!! No one would have noticed that thing about inner wear.She looks fab from top to toe.Loved her hair ,makeup and necklace.where can I find that?

  12. totally <3 the look. she looks, fresh and beautiful. long way to come since ‘baali umar ko salaam’…
    i think it’s the perfect story of looking better with age… :)


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