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Tasher Desh is the only Indian film to be showcased at the Rome International Film Festival this year. Tinu and Rii (who act in the movie) alongwith producer Celine hit the red carpet for the premiere wearing designs by folks most of you are familiar with.

Below are a few pics featuring some of their looks from the festival.

Left: Tinu Verghis
Center: Rii Sen in Sailex
Right: Celine Loop in Anand Bhushan

Left: Tinu Varghese in Manish Arora
Center: Celine Loop in Kallol Datta and Anand Bhushan Skirt
Right: Rii Sen in Kallol Datta Jacket, Shivan & Narresh Bodysuit and Kallol Datta Skirt

Left: Rii Sen in Rimzim Dadu
Center: Celine Loop in Sailex
Right: Tinu Verghis in Manish Arora

Photo Credit: Zimbio, Kallol Datta Facebook

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  1. Rii Sen- Trying too hard…and she needs to ditch that pose..
    Celine Loop- Love her outfit in the second row.
    Tinu Verghis- Really like her Manish Arora tunic in the third row but wish she would’ve styled her outfits better

  2. That silver dress is an abomination! The least they could have done was line the dress properly when giving it a thigh high slit! Sloppy designing/styling all round (except for the Aroras)!

  3. Not defending Rii’s sartorial choices or her pose in the pictures, but this is one woman who truly marches to her own beat. Those who don’t know of her, please look up her body of work and you’ll know what I mean 🙂

  4. Rii Sen- Trying too hard, horrible poses and bad dresses
    Celine Loop- Love her outfits n her goofy/geeky look.. LOVE her glasses 🙂
    Tinu Verghis- ROCKSTAR.. LOVE her face, style, dresses n attitude..

  5. It should be WTHey for Rii Sen in Sailex. Horrible dress and styling. Though I love Celine Loop in Anand Bhushan gown. Very chic. Also I like Tinu in Manish Arora.

  6. i dont mind the clothes…think the actors wearing them pull it off well! only issue is the datta skirt. i tried to look for a positive spin on it ‘cos i like clothes which challenge your notion of what things should be like but this just doesnt make sense to me. meh on that one.


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