Throwback Thursday: Har Kisiko


Well this week for Throwback Thursday (or more like Flashback Friday for some of you), I am throwing it back to Har Kisiko from Janbaaz.

Ask anyone about Sridevi and her sari looks from back then, and the first answer you’ll get is the blue chiffon from Mr. India. But, for me, it was this song that had me totally mesmerized. It also helped that the song was just so good (and so much better than its remake.)

P.S. Do you remember Rekha’s number from this movie. That was also another favorite. Song, that is.


  1. Nice throwback.. Could you possibly do one of Khoon bari maang with the song Rekha and Sonu Walia are in when there both models and competing.. the outfits were festive and beyond its time, just like the outfits Rekha was wearing in Pyaar do Pyaar lo… Also can you figure out who the fashion designers where for these two songs you posted??? Thanks!

    P.S I really like these segments that show old Bellwood videos and that fashion in it be simple or OTT in any clothes they where.

  2. Hi PnP, just to add more to Sri’s sarees, some of her best sari clad songs are Tere Mere hoton pe (Chandni) and one from Govinda Govinda..I think the lyrics go something like Andama Anduma.. sorry if i got them wrong.. but Sri looks like a goddess and her pairing with Nag is too good….and of course Her English-Vinglish look is also extremely beautiful…

  3. Wow – she looks like a siren, doesn’t she! That’s a beautiful song and she looks absolutely gorgeous and sexy. Its not just the clothes, its her acting and attitude as well. She really is one of a kind. They don’t make them like her anymore.

  4. She looks amazing. What a legendary actor compounded by best looks & body. And P&P if you are doing a post on the Legend Sridevi. I think the throwback to her awesome looks/styling from Tamil/Telugu movie from 80’s is a must. Particularly movies like Vazhve Mayam, Johnny(her chiffons), Meendum Kokila, Guru, Kalavari Samsaram…the list actually is endless. :P

  5. “Mujhe yinjection chahiye” lol – can’t forget that dialogue of hers from the movie.

    How about featuring Dimple in her red saree from Sagar?

    • Oh my god! I was just going to bring up Dimple…I loved her late 80s, early 90s looks. From the hair and belts to the flouncy layered skirts with cowboy boots-it was all ‘go big or go home’. I loved it! Cue the songs Kabhi boola kabhi yaad kiya and Tera naam liya.


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