The Reign Of "Empire" Ruined!


    While we do appreciate Sonali trying to step away from bright colors, someone also needs to tell her that she needs to stop wearing these short empire waist dresses she’s been sporting recently.

    An empire waist, firstly, looks good if you have a noticeably narrow waist which Sonali doesn’t really have. Secondly, when wearing such a trend, either wear a long gown or pair the outfit with a dark pair of denims so that the whole outfit makes you look taller and leaner. In Sonali’s case, both dresses make her look short and stout which she totally could have avoided!

    Let’s hope her next appearance is a notch above these last few!

    Subhash Avchat’s Art Exhibition

    Lakme Fashion Week Fall 2008

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    1. The dresses are pretty but some thing about how she is wearing them is just not right. I cant put a finger on why.

      “Amchi mulgi” needs a stylist. She has potential in the looks department and intellect too. Why she cant dress the part, I will never know.



    2. Iam glad to see her in some kinda decent clothes that her usual loud and trshy colors.Either ways she is one horribly dressed actress.Wait a minute is she better or Amrita Rao?Tough question.




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