The Olay-Vogue Brunch

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That’s Preity Zinta looking mighty fine at the Olay-Vogue Brunch at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur, carrying a beautiful, droolworthy Hermes Birkin bag in an absolutely gorgeous shade of green! Pardon the cliche, but am envious… ‘green’ with envy, what else?!! (Ok, so her bangs are annoying but she’s carrying a bag in such a delectable color… am blind to everything else!)


And then there were three. Rahul Khanna, Gauri Khan and an unidentified lady in the middle. Gauri Khan looks totally washed out but it’s the lady in the middle that caught our attention for all reasons ‘bag’. You see what she’s carrying…? That’s a Bottega Veneta tote and we love.

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Bag heaven.

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  1. Whats up with everyone in India wearing Birkins.
    I am totally enjoying all these fashion articles. Very interesting. 🙂
    Can you please post some articles on the latest fall fashions also?
    Thanks guys.

  2. I absolutely digg this blog!!!! Finally..a place where we can juice on all the gossip and parties that go on in India..btw, the girl in the middle is Renu Chainani..she owns a lifestyle store called Eastern Treasure Life Style in Bandra, Mumbai..I used to go to school with her..


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