The Nudes: A Lust List

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nudes lust list-1

Left: Valentino Side-Draped Dress
Right: Valentino Embroidered Lace Dress

nudes lust list-2

Left: Herve Leger Essential Dress, Bare
Right: Stella McCartney Satin Blouse

nudes lust list-3

Left: Giuseppe Zanotti Pumps
Right: Fendi Cut-Out Slingbacks

nudes-lust list-4

Left: Maison Martin Margiela Sandals
Right: Givenchy Sandals

nudes-lust list-5

Left: Bottega Veneta Contrast Panel Dress
Right: Azzedine Alaia Perforated Suede Shoes

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    Also @deewani up there, I’m not Indian but I disagree… there’s no such thing as “Indian skin tone.” There is a variety of colour in every “race” or subcontinent, and India, being the big country it is, has a huge variety.
    I think nudes/neutrals can compliment every skin tone.. as long as you pick the right “nude,” because, obviously “nude” alludes to one’s skin tone.

    • I did say ‘different shades’ of indian skin tone.. Indians have more yellow/ olive undertone rather than pink undertone..that’s why nude is unflattering..

      • i completely disagree! in fact, this latest craze about nude clothes and shoes drove me completely crazy and most of the clothes i bought recently are nude. and i think it suits me really well! 🙂 grey on the other hand makes me look like death.. but thats another story..

    • There might not be any one Indian skin tone, but Indian skin is generally light or dark brown, and I dont think nudes suit it. Ofcourse Indians who are much paler than average look good in nude, but they are in the minority.
      Generally Indian skin has quite a warm tone, so bright colours look fabulous on us and nudes and pastels wash us out. Obviously there are exceptions, but for most cases this is true, in my opinion.

      • Agreed..Nudes unless paired with a pop of color in there somewhere maybe a belt or scarf… like the Fendi cut out slingbacks…never compliment indian skin tones..even the pale skin tones..are more brown..and not pink…so not complimentary there either……

      • Big DISAGREE.. The important point here is to pick the right Nude. Nude looks fabulous on Indian skin tone.
        You are right about brights colours looking great on us but trust me, try picking a pastel and nude which suits ur skin tone and you wil look superb!

  2. I didn’t like the Herve Leger and the Stella McCartney satin blouse, but apart from these, the rest are well….hmmmmm…sigh sigh sigh (Gone all DRREEAMMY!!)

  3. woohooo!!!! now this is some seriously drool-worthy stuff…..I am lusting after each and every item on this page especially the Valentino dresses and the Fendi slingbacks……absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! thanks for the amazing eye-candy guys 🙂

  4. So… again I ask… how about an Indian lust list? Surely there must be some stuff worth short-listing designed in India?! Would sure help those of us who do live and shop here!!

    • It’s harder to put together an Indian one because there aren’t lots of sites that sell or have price information. If you notice, our lust lists also link to the item itself too.

    • Its a lust list not a shopping list, and lets face it, in general, International designers produce a lot more lust worthy stuff than Indian designers (although some Indian designers are good too)

  5. am sooo loving the Valentino dresses.. love the draping on the first one and the work done on the second one.
    and those Givenchy Sandals.. NEED them NOW!!!

  6. I just love the Valentino dresses…one of my fav designers, his designs are so feminine without being sickly sweet…

  7. what about the Valentino fairy tale sandals. They are so girly, flirty and sooo Valentino! or the Givenchy lace peeptoes?

  8. I LOVE the Valentino Side-Draped Dress…remember how Freida Pinto rocked it at BAFTA…really liking the Azzedine Alaia Perforated Suede Shoes as well!!

  9. can anyone tell me where i can buy something like this GORGEOUS valentino dress without is costing me and arm, a leg and a kidney!! it is just buh-eauuutiful!!!!!


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