The Dubai Weather Get To Them?


    That is the only reason I can think of as to why all these pretty ladies wore such weird outfits to the premiere of Mira Nair’s “AIDS Jaago” at the 4th Dubai International Film Festival.

    Where do I begin with Shabana Azmi! We have the ugly hairstyle. We have the bad make-up. We have this nice sari but then I am not sure where that big patch of plain black cloth is coming from! Are Indian designers also having to cut costs?

    Then you have Ayesha Dharker with her blingy earrings! Did she borrow them from the “Bombay Dreams” costume department? And maybe it’s just me, but I dont consider it fashionable when the sari hangs below the one “you know what”! I am all about the traditional drape! Yeehah!

    Next, you have Pooja Batra who wore a really busy anarkali outfit to the Taj Mahal premiere, and now she chose a sari with another busy print! The zebra print! She should thank the Lord that she is still skinny and that takes away half the “ugg” from what this outfit would have been!

    Finally, we had Raima. I don’t understand. You wear Sabyasachi for a photocall, why can’t you wear a gorgeous Sabyasachi for the evening affair. We all know he has so many to offer!



    1. sudha,
      the dress is not bad but anyone and everyone has it and wears something like it. She is a fav amongst Sabyasachi. She should have worn one of his really good creations and shone at the event!




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