That Bag Spotting Thing!

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Ekta Raheja has one of these in white and now spotted Sophie Chaudhary at the Araaish event with the Chanel! Also seen was Juhi Chawla with her Lady Dior!! (Oh, and if you are curious, the unidentified lady in the centre with Juhi Chawla is carrying the Fendi Baulotto Bag!!)

Sophie Chaudhary With Chanel

Juhi Chawla With Dior

We did do quite a bit of Bag Spotting and all the usual suspects were there! Manyata and Bhagyashree were carrying the same ol’ Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags (respectively), so blah!

Bhagyashree With Gucci

Manyata With Louis Vuitton

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  1. ohmigod. bhagyashree’s still around?doing what?!!

    funny her husband had a problem with her exposing on screen or acting with other men and here she is in a little corset

  2. Juhi and Bhagyashree are so pretty- and thy could be dressed in sacks and still look beautiful…Moreover, Juhi comes across as so unassuming and dresses with subtle elegance yet confidence..But I wish she’d lengthen her kurtas..I really don’t dig the short kurta look that’s in vogue these days.

  3. ohh my my!dats wierd n sad..just coz manyata n juhi r wearing smthn traditional, they’re lookin like behanjis?????!!!!!!!dats dumb!!
    P.S. i love juhi’s suit!


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