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At the launch of the second song from SOTY 2, Tara was seen wearing a pink Arpita Mehta gharara featuring a bandhini bandeau top and cape.

It sure made for a welcome change from the many mini-skirt/sneaker looks, which is getting a bit too monotonous.

Tara Sutaria

Tara Sutaria

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Am I the only one who is not finding her like Sunny Leone at all? She rather resemble actor Girish Kumar! As for the outfits, like the second one, stripe shirt n printed mini combo.

    • I just heard the song. Can we have a song for insomniac men/boys from Mumbai and Delhi who want to want to party all night? I mean gender parity and all.

    • Just saw the song. The hero has the moves.
      The two heroines bring nothing to the song. They are literally non existent.

      Which makes the case for their promotions dressing formula to be noticed……over groomed in skimpy clothes.
      The hero looks like he gets out of bed and into the promotions. No wasting time dressing up for him.

    • Today I googled Tara Sutaria. She is actually an accomplished singer, knows ballet, is a good speaker and a driven young lady. She came across as someone who exudes intellect and confidence and is multifaceted talent .
      Or wait…. I should say she was.
      Because if this caricature of a Karan Johar teenybopper heroine is what she is now. …feel quite sad. She has a Tedex talk and sang Andrew Lyodd Webber. Today she stands like a mannequin and giggles while the men do the talking. So disappointed.

      • It’s a pity then that she chose the Bolly route. Should have attempted a different career in the Arts. Oh wait! Everything is Bollywoodized in India.


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