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While at her upcoming movie’s song launch, Tara was photographed wearing separates from H&M’s ‘Conscious Collection’. Near-nude strappy heels rounded out her look. Later that evening, wearing a Manish Malhotra mini, Tara attended a party at the designer’s home. Leaving hair and make-up as is, she changed out the nail-paint and rounded out her look with a pair of purple suede pumps.

Though she wears both of her looks well, can’t say we were particularly blown away by either.

Tara Sutaria
Left: At SOTY 2 Song Launch
Right: At Chandon X Manish Malhotra Dinner Do

Tara Sutaria
Left: At SOTY 2 Song Launch
Right: At Chandon X Manish Malhotra Dinner Do

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Why is the zipper on her skirt there? Don’t they usually go behind. Or have I been left behind in the fashion movement. Scratching head.

    Don’t like both the outfits.

  2. Is this the template of what a young Hindi film actor should look like? Girls perked up, legs for days and the classic pahalwan pose. Our cinema has indeed come a long way!

  3. Her first Bollywood movie is Student of the Year but looks like she doesn’t want the “student” tag. I am sure if she wears outfits that shows less legs and cleavage, she will still look beautiful.

  4. I feel like by now we know what Tara looks like naked given that most of her looks are no better than her emerging in a towel from her bathroom. Why this need to show over skin prevails…I don’t know! Is this a malaika influence…

  5. The mini on right looks like a towel wrapped around after shower. It is short and shockingly deep at cleavage for a student… They all seem factory manufactured dolls . RIP all the ‘shre-o-shayari’ written on ‘Saadgi’ n ‘ada’ of bollywood actresses once upon a time.

  6. Her 1st outfit, posing and hair is so dated…like Rani Mukherjee (Tina) in kuch kuch hota hai! Looks like she will go In-character for all SOTY2 promos … like Alia’s anarkalis …Tina’s minis!

  7. Love her style..and also she is so well toned and fit.
    It’s natural that when you work so hard to have a good body you would wear dresses to flaunt it.
    Most of the ppl panning her pls be Fair..there is Sophie who regularly wears these clothes and gets good comments on this don’t pick on a young girl ..none of you I am sure have that type of a frame so is it jealousy put her down ?

    • Some tall claims uh.what made you think this sort of a frame is unachievable for a hhc commentor.and why would we be jealous only towards this one particular girl.

      • Picking on someone the crowd is already biased against is easy.
        And yes this sort of frame is definitely very hard to achieve..try it !!

        • Hi….did you watch the paps video of the Dinner do, where she kept on pulling down the mini, looked super uncomfortable and needed someone to help and cover her backside while climbing the stairs? Maybe you should, before confiding that it is completely normal to showcase a hard-earned body. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in public, hence the picking

        • With the kind of support they have at their disposal like nutritionist. Instructor etc etc etc not at all difficult. + Looking good n working on your body is the only work you do this is definitely not hard.

          • Not to mention age. I was 110 lbs when I was 21. Bare minimum works outs and athletic activity easily made it seem like I was killing it at the gym lol. But that being said she is gorgeous and a well spoken girl.

            On one hand I am like you will only be young once so show it off. On the other, with that body, it is easy to experiment with so many different styles and silhouettes- why stick to sequined micro minis?

    • The mini is badly cut and makes her look like a rectangle with no waist. Her legs don’t look long, they look stubby because of the awkward place where the second dress is cut off so if anything she is wearing outfits that are not flattering to her figure. And Butterfly, I am in good shape as a result of a lot of effort and I do love ‘flaunting it’. But I take offence to you body shaming people on this blog. And there’s something to be said for dressing well in ways that flatter your body, it doesn’t have to be an either or. There’s a reason why beautiful clothes are made in a range of sizes.

  8. She’s a stunning girl and very, very talented: she can act, sing and draw. She also seems well-read. In short, she’s unlike the Bollywood actresses that have come up in recent years, which is why her opting to dress exactly like them is disappointing.

  9. Why do manish malhotra outfits always have fit issues? The first outfit is showcasing her figure better. The mini doesn’t accentuate her waist & just sits straight. Would expect better from a designer


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