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Wearing denim and slinky dresses, Tara and Disha helped promote their latest movie on two separate occasions. Both ladies fared better in their dresses than they did in the separates, but that’s really not saying much.

Tara Sutaria (Left) And Disha Patani At Ek Villain Returns Promotions

Tara Sutaria (Left) And Disha Patani At Ek Villain Returns Promotions

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Eww what is wrong with disha’s stylist. Why is she making disha a cheap tiktoker/ kim kardashian. As for tara her dress look is better and thats it.

  2. I actually like the brown dress…
    The rest? Well, these girls are making sure they will be remembered for one thing at least…

  3. This may be really a harsh comment and a really long one at that – this site features actors mostly … these 2 women cant act to save their lives and their dress sense is only focused on showing their toned bodies . There is no style to discuss on screen and off why should they be featured here ? this is a fashion blog to discuss and critique the looks sported by various people . These ladies always elicit the same 2 response from all readers ” Too little clothes , tacky clothes ” or Senond section” Let women be dont pull them down , Empowerment “. For a fashion blog discussions on improvements or changes in looks / apparel , styling are more fun to read and write ? featuring these 2 ladies regularly make no sense to me … Of course this is your blog and I have been following ardently since 2007 and shall continue despite these minor slips … but I think if we weed out sighting that have same commentary each time may help make this a more interesting read… just throwing a thought out there in the open ….

  4. why don’t they dress contemporary? none of the kids in 20s wear bodycons and heels anymore.. it’s so 90s – 2000s kinda of dressing…

  5. One can safely bet that more effort and money is spent on promotions aka clothes than the actual movie itself. It’s now getting so comical. I pity all these stars.

    Miss those days when the movie was wrapped up and everyone moved on the next thing. Eventually the movie released and it spoke for itself.

  6. It is as if I landed back in 2000. It is better that you are featuring them together now. Easier for us readers to comment ‘tacky’ just once and move on instead of wasting time on multiple posts.


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