In Sabyasachi


At a recent party, spotted Ms. Dutta in a voluminous Sabyasachi looking quite lovely but is that a stole/dupatta I see lost in the voluminous folds? Also, it’s about time Ms. Dutta ditched her knack of pairing absolutely mismatched bags with her clothes. Remember this?


Tanushree Dutta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This outfit is quite drab!! with or without that stole thingi….
    Maybe it could work on someone who is super skinny and real tall …basically on the runway models. I imagine it to be quite unflattering on most people though, unless you were going for the pregnant look….;)


  2. I am sorry, but I think the dress makes her look unneccessarily frumpy and pregnant. She looks she just dropped off chunnu munnu at school.
    The stole just adds more confusion to what I already said. I do like the shoes and the leggings though.


  3. as much as i love Sabya, that tunic would make anyone look pregnant, and horizontal stripes on churidars would make anyone look stumpy (unless they r 6 ft tall!). so this outfit is a big nay for me.


  4. aaarrrggghhhh! First the Sabina Singh outfit and now this!!! Do you really think she looks lovely?
    I’m sorry if I sound rude, but I had to get that off my chest.

    The open toed shoes do NOT work with the outfit, it calls for close-toed pumps
    Ribbed leggings look good with long kurtas where only a few inches of the ribbing can be seen, too much of the leggings are seen here which spoils the pop effect of the texturing
    Seriously, I second the person who said, I’m not trying to sound snarky but IS she pregnant? Because why else would you wear such a comical silhoutte?
    Also WHAT is the ‘stole’ doing there? It looks plain silly disappearing into the kurta and reappearing from nowhere!! Which is sad becuase a pop of red, if used rightly really could have salvaged that ensemble, atleast partially
    And as for the bag: ????
    She is such a pretty looking girl though. If it were me:
    I would make the kurta ankle length and nip it in with an empire waist line that way it would have an anrakali-esque silhoutte that would be infinetely less akward and ofcourse the stole would go, as would the bag. The shoes would be replaced with round-toed black loub pumps.




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