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First off, that Urvashi Kaur dress isn’t the easiest to wear (if it must be worn at all). And to the mix, Tanisha adds that necklace and hair. Hair! How many ways can thee say dated?

tanisha mukherjee in urvashi kaur at colors tv party

Tanisha Mukherjee At Colors TV Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. What a mess, she needs to either fire or hire a better stylist, just shows money and coming from a famous family dosent buy you any class!

  2. This look might not be great or even good but it is step- up from what we saw her in the last time. She is finally getting her share of the spotlight so it is time she invested in a stylist- pronto!

  3. All I see is hair and a lot of hair in this look.. She should’ve styled her hair in a bun that could have salvaged the look a little bit.. Nothing other than that to write about

  4. Ugh. Again, why don’t Indian movie stars (the women) ever experiment with hair? 95% of the time, its long, parted in the middle.

    I don’t mind the dress per se, how Ms M has styled it is the problem. Big fat NO.

  5. urvashi always brings up amazing, remarkable yet wearable garments but if nly tanisha would have been slightly taller the whole gown would have looked better


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