Ladies In Black

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We think Tanisha looked nice minus the accessories. That jewelry and those shoes have to seriously go.

Neelam looked like she always does, simple and understated. Also, a tad safe and predictable. Her Fendi clutch added some visual break to the monochrome but thats about it.

Sushmita Sen looked fierce. The shoes went well with the look, as did the Fendi Mini B Patent Bag. Okay, so ‘flash’ didn’t really do flattering things to the fabric of her dress but still…

tanisha-drona-premiere.jpg neelam-kothari-drona-premiere.jpg

L To R At ‘Drona’ Premiere: Tanisha Mukherjee, Neelam Kothari, Sushmita Sen


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  1. Look at those shoes . I am really going crazy for all the three. I think it is time to replace my crocks ….

    Tanisha – Back to the square one with her ill fitting + too tight dresses and her out of place jewelry. C++

    Neelam – Safe and cute B+

    Sush – Are those DD and oh ! her grade is A.
    Like the makeup , hair ,dress, purse , shoes..

  2. like neelam here,infact i liked her all my life ever since i as a kid saw her movies, and she for me is ageless & cute + look good most of the times

  3. not liking anything abt Tanisha!

    Neelam looks GORGEOUS and BUT OF COURSE, SUSH looks HOT!!! whr r all those ppl who thought sush was putting on weight like crazy?? they should have a look at this pic. she looks stunning.

    PnP, can u tell us what shoes are neelam and sush wearing? Neelam’s shoes AND earrings r DTF!

  4. Tanisha seems to have the best little black dress, Sush the best shoes and Neelam the best clutch.

    Sush does look heavier and aged in other pics from the event, especially the close ups.

    Neelam has always looked western, thanks to her accent and non-filmi attitude. I admit she looks like she’s had a lip injection or two but I am so biased when it comes to her. I’ve adored her since I was a kid. She is 40 years old and still looks cute!

  5. I have shows similar to Sushmita’s and they are dolce and gabbana (in a different shade).. Believe it or not, I got them for 50 dollars at a sale and they are the real thing..

  6. tanisha is losing weight and looking good. wish she hadn’t worn that choker thingy..
    neelam is pretty.. for her age damn good looking

    SUSH… just staying SUSH.. LOL

  7. I love Sush’s accessories but really NOT digging the dress. plus she has too much make up on. I like neelam here…her whole look seems effortless.

  8. Tanisha looks so slim – I remember that pic of her in the awful pink (or was it white) satin dress and she looked 2 dress sizes bigger.

    Love, love, love Ms Neelam – safe, cute and seemingly ageless.

    Sushmita Sen – wow! gorgeous and curvy and showing the size zero wannabe’s how a bit of meat in the right places is no bad thing – I love her sandals!

  9. Sush obviously has the longest, sexiest legs of all three. Neelam’s look is boring and the shoes are bad. She used to have such gorgeous hair – what happened? Tanisha needs to chop some inches of both, the hair and the dress.

  10. SHUSH DOES look FIERCE (ferosh even)
    bu tthe only thing I have to nitpick apobut is the belt, which is sort of unflattering becasue of the position

  11. i think Sushs assets are a lil imbalanced.. love her shoes.. and love her makeup and hair

    Neelam – not so much, coz she is looking a lil jaded to me now..

    Tanisha- hate the hair and the neck cut..

  12. love Sush’s shoes but why does she have a blank thread or whatever around one of her feet. She has really good legs too.
    Wish Tanisha’s dress was shorter. Neelam has a cute face but don’t particularly like her dress


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