Pillow Talk

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If you’re on social media, you’ve probably heard about the Pillow Challenge. It’s where you wear a pillow as a dress. Tamannaah is the latest celeb to take on the challenge and she did hers using a Gucci belt and red Dune London pumps.

Have you tried the pillow challenge? Or will? Let us know!

Catch Anne Hathaway’s here and Halle Berry here.

Tamannaah Bhatia

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. I think celebrities are the most attention seeking utterly silly folks in the world that keep reiterating the fact. Seeking publicity in times of a world pandemic. How much more dumber, insensitive and tasteless can one get…

    • Just wait, they will attach some words like women’s liberation, feminism, freedom, self worth, sisterhood, sorority unity and other bull crap words to make it all legitimate!!
      They will be immortalized for “being exceptionally brave to wear a pillow at deeply troubled times”
      Instead they can go shop for food for senior citizens living in their buildings… but who cares for those type of things

      This displays their bodies and gets them a bravery award

    • Agree with this so much. It’s like they don’t know how to live a normal, quiet life. Funny because they usually complain about paps and lack of privacy, and now when they have it they can’t handle it!

  2. Even in this Bollywood is unimaginative, uninspired.
    How is this even a challenge?! How stupid did you feel having a pillow tied to your front with a fancy belt?
    And lying down and posing as if it’s high fashion
    People have lost it!

  3. Echo what everyone else has said above about attention seeking behavior but to be fair, tons of regular women (the busting their backs at home working and cleaning and home schooling) are also doing ‘pass the blush and ‘saree challenge’ and coordinated dance sequences… all to stay sane, supposedly. Methinks girls just wanna have fun at the end of the stay. And it doesn’t take away from being compassionate.


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