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Tamannaah attended the press meet of MasterChef Telugu in Hyderabad last week wearing a Rocky Star faux leather midi dress with Louboutins and a Valliyan chain necklace. Given the length of the dress I don’t think those jewelled ankle pumps work here but my bigger issue is with the dress itself. It doesn’t photograph well against camera flashes.

P.S: Please continue being cautious, double mask and get vaccinated when able to. Stay safe and well!

Tamannaah Bhatia

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  1. Looks like it may need to be cut off and won’t be able to remove the dress, it’s that uncomfortable seemingly. God knows what’s like being in it.

  2. I am not a fan of how this is styled – a gold necklace/ ring with silver jewelled heels.

    She is a pretty lady but if she wants to experiment with edgy leather trends (2020 ??!) she needs to go all in and make the whole look more dramatic!

  3. Tammana seems to be trying too hard these days, exposing half her midriff for casual wear, or wearing leather in 34 c …..never ceases to amaze me, seeing all these celebs with access to the best designers commit such gaffes..she’s a pretty gal with a great figure, hope she sorts out her stylist soon!

  4. the outfit is dramatic.. makeup on point and attitude just right.. the gold jewelry is possibly the element which needs to go.. she is going for a catwoman look.. maybe she needs to catch the eyes of some filmmakers of that genre… overall loving the look..!

  5. the makeup and hair is kickass perfect for this look.

    Do not like the accessorizing at all. Gold chain is ridiculous. Shoes don’t work with the length.

    But i’m blown away by how that makeup holds it’s ground in 3 different lights.. we rarely see this.


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