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Tamannaah has been taping for MasterChef Telugu the past few weeks wearing mostly gowns. While she looked really good in all of them, the looks themselves felt a bit much given the show in question. Just me feeling that way?

In Marchesa and Amit Aggarwal

In Marchesa and Amit Aggarwal

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  1. So bridal lenghas are fine for a dance reality show but these gowns aren’t for a cooking reality show?

    I have seen shilpa/madhuri/mallika wear similar gowns on their shows as well..

    “She looked really good in all of them ” … thats where your post should have ended.

    Anything beyond was just pure nitpicking 🙂

    • Master chef and Dance shows have different sensibilities, you know..the judges on dance shows get on stage and perform as well. But there’s no reason for a Master Chef judge/presenter to dress in paegent suited clothes. That’s just not the point.

      • I totally support you. How comical would it be to do all the food tasting in such red carpet looks! Never saw any famous cooking show hosts dress like this. I sometimes feel Indian celebs gauge themselves by the kind(level) of attire they wear. A simple elegant attire, I guess, makes them feel less starry.

  2. that marchesa is outrageously beautiful. yep, they’re all OTT but will give it a pass given that OTT is the hallmark of Indian TV.
    also, where *would* she wear such stuff today when events are still off the radar?!

  3. she generally is well styled and put together.
    When I was watching the show i kind of enjoyed watching her all dressed up (as if she is presenting an award in an evet but instead it was an apron) as it was a change to the sight and site (competition environment) 🙂

  4. I feel like in general in the east (India, middle east, Asia) people’s dressing sensibilities for TV, weddings, other events can be considered OTT by westen standards.
    I have noticed that what people wear in Europe for weddings is much plainer than what Koreans or Singaporeans wear to the office. (Formal shirts and pencil skirts or pants are restricted to certain professions and most office going women in these areas wear dresses.) These dresses are much grander than the Zara, Asos dresses people wear as guests in European weddings. In Europe, celebrities even wear T-shirts and Jeans for gameshows!
    So i feel like we cannot expect Indians to stick the western Masterchef aesthetic. You cannot judge somethng in the east with expectations/standards from the west.


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