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"I’m Not A Jewelry Person"- Vidya Balan


“I am not a jewelry person, as I am not as fond of it. I like simple and understated jewelry because (otherwise) it is really cumbersome while you are shooting,”

I guess that pretty much explains why Ms Balan picked a “dog collar with a chain” lookalike for a necklace and happily posed in it for the jewelry launch for Mirari in Delhi.

What I pity more is that she also had to pose next to two beautiful models who looked a hundred times better in (guess what!) UNDERSTATED pieces!

Photo Source: Getty Images

Vidya does it again..


Somebody tell Ms. Balan to just wear classic denims with a white shirt. That is so much better than this black on black trend she has been following for a while now!



Who Dressed Worse?


Below are pictures of Divya Khosla and Vidya Balan at the Bhool Bhulaiyaa press meet (left and right, respectively) and its hard to judge who was worse off! While Khosla’s was downright blinding, gaudy and loud, not that I expected much else, but, Balan’s look was just ugly and dated and its unforgivable that she works on looking that way when she has such an old-world, classic, conventional charm that she could use to her advantage!


Whose Fashion Offense Was More Offensive?
Khosla’s Fashion In A Funk
Balan’s Fashion Faux Pas
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