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Spotted by ‘ariel001’, the red BCBG tiered dress on Priyanka Chopra also seen on Farah at the BT bash.

No question here about who wears it better!

nov08_07.JPG nov08_23.JPG

Priyanka On NDTV Imagine


BCBG Satin Dress


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From Photoshoot To Real Life

A case of borrowing from one’s closet or keeping the clothes? We think it is the former…

Left: Photoshoot
Right: ‘GQ’ Magazine Launch

Anjori Alagh

Source, Source

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Tiered Color Block Vs Ombre

We spotted Dilshad Pastakia in a tiered color block dress and Mini Mathur in an ombre one. Don’t quite care for either but we prefer Mini’s dress by a fraction, only because the ombre makes it so much more dramatic.

Having said that, didn’t think the dress worked on Mini too well… the length of the dress was one of those strange lengths neither here nor there, was ill-fitting and the shoes didn’t do much either!

Vidya Malwade was one other woman we saw an ombre dress on, and that wasn’t a hit either…

Dilshad Pastakia
Mini Mathur


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