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Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2010: GenNext Designers

In this day and age where almost all genres have been covered, it can’t be easy for a new designer to make a statement but each of these GenNext designers do make a place for themselves in the sun.


Masaba, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Masaba Gupta’s ‘Kattran’ was an indo-western collection running heavy on patchwork (a favorite of the designer). Between the excessive patchwork, the fusion touch and the vibrant colors, it got to be a bit much for my taste. If part of this collection feels familiar, it is because we’ve seen mom Neena wear some of it at recent events.


Amalraj Sengupta, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Muted colors like white, grey and light yellow and overlapping details marked Amalrag Sengupta’s collection ‘Kendo’ that drew inspiration from the Japanese martial arts form with the same name. While the details were interesting, would love to see how the designer tones it down/reworks it for the shelf space.


Mehak Jain, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Kitschy and colorful would be how I would describe Mehak Jain’s collection. While, most would feel a very Manish Arora influence, I thought she still had a lil individuality in her pieces without seeming like a ripoff.


Rahul Anand, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Rahul Anand stayed true to his theme ‘Gods Must Be Crazy’ by serving up a line of funky dresses in vibrant colors with even funkier embellishments. Yep’s that is a fan on the model’s head.


Shreya Sharma, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Soft feminine colors marked Shreya Sharma’s collection that was heavy on draping and ombre but the end result was more graceful than overwhelming.


Sabbah Sharma, Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Sabbah Sharma’s collection seemed to have drawn inspiration from Fall when it came to colors. No complains though, as I loved it. Would love to get my hands on those mosaic-like jackets/coverlets and those diamond pattern cocktail dresses.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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Lakme Fashion Week Spring 2010: Day One


Anand Kabra Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Anand Kabra’s collection titled ‘Kumari’ had to be one of my favorites from day one. I loved how the colors and the fabrics were so soft and feminine and then were juxtaposed with those well constructed cuts, silhouettes, asymmetrical hemlines and embellishments. The play between the ultra-feminine and the understated strength is what won me over. Loved the saris, the cocktail dresses… practically all pieces from the collection.


Anita Dongre Timeless Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Anita Dongre’s “Jaipur My Jaipur” was an homage to Rajasthan and it’s rich cultural heritage and so for her Spring 2010 collection, Anita Dongre used traditional Rajasthani weaves and fabrics like luxurious brocades, satin, net, lush velvets and silks in rich and regal colors. If I were to think of this collection independent of it’s Spring/Summer tag, I loved it. There were many pieces in the collection that would work perfectly with the festive season or in a bride’s trousseau. However with all the heavy velvets and weighty embellishments, it seemed rather oppressive for a ‘Spring/Summer’ collection. Contradicting myself though, in a country like India where seasonal tags like ‘Spring Summer’ and ‘Fall’ are pretty irrelevant, I can see Anita Dongre Timeless really being ‘Timeless’.


Shyamal And Bhumika Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Another collection that was one for the ‘trousseau’. Barring a few pieces, it was hard for me to get excited about this collection mainly because it felt like we had seen it all before, the colors, the fabrics, the work, the color combinations… Having said that, I loved the lehengas with the velvet dupattas; the contrast between textures made for great visual interest.


Vivek Karuna Karan Spring Summer 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

An extremely wearable and commercial collection; the pieces from the runway could go straight onto a retail shelf. And for a collection to be tagged with that is quite the double-edged sword. Nothing about the runway was exciting, wearable yes, exciting no. And really, there was nothing to write home about, not about the Jodhpurs and certainly not the dresses. The only dress that stood out was the one that South Indian actress Mamta Mohandas (far left of the pic) wore on the runway. Summery and cheery.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Mandira Wirk

It wasn’t just Mandira Bedi who came to Wirk’s show to lend her support, celebrities came in droves and they were all dressed in clothes straight out of Mandira Wirk’s SS 2010 Collection!

From what we see, none of these lil’ draped numbers look particularly flattering on either of these ladies nor are they easy on the eye.

P.S: Malaika Arora Khan walked for Mandira Wirk in that dress.


L To R: Sophie Chaudhary, Pooja Bedi, Kalki Koechlin


L To R: Shonali Nagrani, Malaika Arora Khan, Mandira Wirk

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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The Pink Ladies

The dominant color among the attendees on day one of Lakme Fashion Week had to be ‘pink’ in various shapes and shades… And while on some it worked and worked well, on others (like Bhagyashree) it had us scrambling for the exit.

On an aside though, does Bhagyashree age at all?


L To R: Anita Dongre, Bhagyashree, Geeta Basra


L To R: Nawaz Modi Singhania, Lata Patel, Madhoo Shah

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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In Neeta Lulla

We’ve seen Hema Malini do this before… wear something from a collection that hasn’t even hit the runway yet and that’s exactly what she did at the Neeta Lulla show again.

Seen in a sari from the designer’s latest collection, Hema Malini didn’t quite make the impact she usually does. The monochromatic beige absolutely washed her out; between the long sleeves, the sari and the bag, there was just too much of beige for the eye to take in!


Hema Malini At The Neeta Lulla Show


Neeta Lulla Spring 2010, Lakme Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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