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A New Trend?


Although it hasn’t really caught on, I have spotted quite a few people sporting the short flowy kurta look.

Tisca Chopra

Simone Singh

Sonam Kapoor

Guess we’ll have to wait and watch if this catches on. They just seem so cute when they are colorful. It reminds me of Ashish Soni’s collection at NYFW Spring’08 except his collection wasn’t as bright.

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No More Sakina


Now that “Saawariya” is old news, someone is breaking free from the “Sakina” avatar. A glammed up Sonam Kapoor attended the “Sony United Endeavor” to promote Saawariya again.

While I love her dress, the slip-on flats just look so bleh.

And those tacky curls just remind me of Ash in “Kyun Ho Gaya Na”. I have yet to see someone look good in fake curls!

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Hosed By Pantyhose


I know I am being evil here but I look at this pic of Joely Richardson(Nip/Tuck) and all that came into my head was “Sonam.. Sonam.. Sonam”.

Don’t blame me. Blame Sonam for her umpteen appearances in short dresses paired with black pantyhose and flats!

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It’s All In The Family!


The Niece: While I do like two-toned shoes, Sonam’s look more clownish because of her two toned outfit! Would love to see her in an all-black outfit and then sport these shoes..

The Aunt: Big rule of stripes. Always wear vertical stripes. They make you look taller. But, Sridevi’s jacket is doing nothing for her and just making me dizzy!

(Corrected: Its vertical stripes not horizontal!) Thanks Sudha! ;)




Debuting At Number Bleh



And thats how Sonam Kapoor turned out to celebrate Children’s Day. Nice, but that dress? She needs to fire her stylist. Pronto.

Thats a print I’d expect on a wall, in an off-the-way old English bed and breakfast. Even then, I wouldn’t stay.