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WLIFW Spring 09: Satya Paul

1-satya-paul-spring-09-wlifw.jpg 2-satya-paul-spring-09-wlifw.jpg

3-satya-paul-spring-09-wlifw.jpg 4-satya-paul-spring-09-wlifw.jpg

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Between Shobhaa And Satya…

… We were left yawning.

Just a while back, Shobhaa De showed in Colombo and the collection we thought was rather jaded. Nothing we saw made it to our ‘lust list’ and we hope it didn’t Mahima’s either!!

shobhaa-de-colombo-sari-1.jpg shobhaa-de-colombo-sari-3.jpg

Shobhaa De

Okay, so by now its a given that Satya Paul does prints, especially geometric prints really well (mostly). But this seems so uninspired… we miss the spunk we saw sometime back!

neha-dhupia-satya-paul-colombo-sari.jpg satya-paul-colombo-sari-neha-dhupia.jpg

Satya Paul

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Satya Paul’s Pop Art

Satya Paul’s latest collection reminds me a lot of Manish Arora. Let’s put it this way, if Manish designed sari’s then this might be what they would look like and maybe a little better. Still, Paul’s collection has it funny moments with the Oogle sari that features a browser and the address bar pointing to his online store.


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