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An “Almost” Ditto


Spotted Ms. Rakhi Sawant wearing a gown quite similar to Maria’s.

Got just one word for these ladies! SPANX!

Maria, IIFA 2008
Rakhi, Success Party

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The Grass Is Greener On Either Side


So probably, Rakhi Sawant had been asked to dress that way at the ‘Minto Fresh’ launch (though lets be real, we can’t exactly write off the fact that she might have actually chosen to dress that way!!)… but she once again chose that ‘green’ with excessive bling to wear to the ‘City Of Dreams’ party, and this time she didn’t even have ‘Minto Fresh’ to promote…

Clearly, she is no fashion icon, but at least you now know what not to wear!

(Had she gone easy on the make-up, hair, the bling’y blouse and lost some of the sequins on her sari, it would’ve been a whole different story!)

At Minto Fresh Launch
At ‘City Of Dreams’ Party


Bag Spotting


Raki Sawant

Anu Smriti

One of the weirdest looking bags to have come from Gucci’s collection, we couldn’t understand why anyone would ever spend money on it! But, even in this world, we still found two people with no taste, who did spend a chunk of change on the Gucci “Romy”. The fashionably challenged Rakhi Sawant and the about to make her debut soon, Anu Smriti.

Buy via Bluefly( Only if you have no sense of style but too much money to spend!)

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It’s not like Rakhi Sawant is a trend setter who we look up to, but, just looking at this picture of Rakhi with her two different shoes, had me and Priyanka in splits!!

It reminds me of those days, when girls used to wear a different earring in each ear. FYI, that was so not cool and neither is this!


I admit it.. I am an addict!


I am a Koffee with Karan addict. I tune in every sunday evening to watch an online version of the episode. And boy, during a summer where there isn’t any original programming, watching KWK allows me an escape from the depression I suffer on Sunday evenings. I watch it for what people are gonna wear to the show, how they are going to behave and lastly how openly will they answer the rapid fire round. The “famous” rapid fire that has fueled fire to many controversies and has started quite a few catfights, which is not a good thing. But come on, it is really funny to hear great answers to a funny series of questions like “When a star says this, he/she really means…..” or a “An actor/actress who needs a style check”.

So, last sunday, I watched the Himesh Reshammiya episode. For someone who was a Himesh hater, I now actually have respect for the guy. He was very humble, forthright and actually seemed nice. I respect him for the fact that he willingly admits that he wants to win over the people who hate him and is not one of those that can just ignore that section.

What’s goin on with our host? I am starting to get a little annoyed with KJo. His style of questioning has become more to the tune of being belligerent. Case in point, the Rakhi Sawant show, where Rakhi was trying to not answer a question about whether or not she had had plastic surgery, but Mr Karan had to constantly ask her, and finally she gave in and said “Haan, maine kiya hai”. He never dare do such a thing to his good friends or people who are established in the film society. Heck, he wouldn’t even have a show, if not for his “star” pals who keep coming back again and again. But, when it comes to a Reshammiya or a Sawant, no holds barred.

What is up with that gift hamper?? It tickles me to the core when people joke about how much they want it. Ok, I know that they are just saying it for the heck of it, but if you saw the Rakhi Sawant or the Himesh episodes, poor guys, they really felt honored to receive it!

Now, you are asking yourself, that I just said that I was addicted to KWK. Well, is anyone ever called an addict if they have too much of a good thing! HAH ;)

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