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In Raw Mango


Wearing a Raw Mango kurta and matching pants from what looked his latest Heer collection, Rasika attended the Ireel Awards on Thursday evening. The cut of the kurta may feel too voluminous to some but I quite liked it. And with the all over brocade, keeping the rest of the look simple worked in its favor. She looked good!

Her jewellery is from Ahilya.

In Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan


Wearing a Not So Serious By Pallavi Mohan sari with earrings from Shivan and Narresh for Swarovski and Swarovski rings, Vidya attended the Vogue Beauty Awards on Tuesday evening.

Me, I wasn’t a big fan of the earrings, especially the dangly part. I imagine the earrings without it and love the look so much better.

Now, let’s come to the pose. If you’re going to put your one arm in a fixed position, perhaps not a good idea to do the hand on hip, yes? Am I the only one who thought it looked awkward.

Those two minor (major to some) gripes aside, she did look nice.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

In Raw Mango


After the sari look, Rasika opted for a very different Raw Mango look at the Manto celebratory event at Cannes 2018. The actor sported a dull gold blazer paired with a sheer navy blouse and gharara pants. It was an interesting combo but considering the pants had such a defined embroidered hem, between that and the visible gharara line, I was a bit on the fence about it.

Did you love it instantly?

In Jade


Rasika attended the screening of Manto and Girls In The Sun at Cannes wearing Jade to both events. Between the two, preferred the cream look just a wee bit more for it simplicity.

Did you like her in both?

In Vikram Phadnis


Wearing a black Vikram Phadnis anarkali, Vidya attended the Power Brand Awards on Monday evening in Mumbai. Hair in a side-parted updo, her look was finished out with diamond studs from Mahesh Notandass and Zara pumps.

She sure looked nice and it was good to see her in a something other than a sari. Brought back memories of her at Sydney.

On an aside, am I the only one getting a very Sabyasachi vibe from this look? Just seems to be missing a small black bindi.

Vidya Balan at Power Brand Awards 2018

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani