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Rounding Up The Ladies

At Ekta Kapoor’s Diwali party we spotted some ‘near-hits’ and those that ‘perfectly-missed’!

Prachi and Urvashi won us over with their simplicity (by doing relatively so much better)… we’ve seen Sweta do so much better so this was certainly a letdown but it was Rakshanda who grabbed all of our attention for all the wrong reasons! There was just so much going on, clearly a ‘wthey’!!

Prachi Desai
Urvashi Dholakia

Sweta Salve
Rakshanda Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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This And That

While cute, Prachi Desai is yet to wow us! As for Suneeta Rao, anything is an improvement over her last couple of appearances

Prachi Desai
Sunita Rao

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Not Quite

She is young. She is fresh. She is pretty. But as a debutante, has she dressed to impress? Not Yet.


Prachi Desai

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Doing The LBD

It is unfortunate that for her first movie premiere, Prachi Desai decided to wear that on the red carpet! What is that anyway… it is so shapeless, downright dowdy and potato sack’ish at its best… Pretty girl, pretty godawful dress! Madhu Sapre on the other hand sizzled, red lips and all. Okay, minus the shoes. But sizzle she did.

Madhu Sapre
Prachi Desai

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Doing ‘LBD’

Prachi Desai broke up her all black look with some color in the way of her bag while Shefali Shah decided to stick to all black… One kept it casual, the other went more formal! I do like the way they both wore their ‘lbd’s…

Prachi’s was young, casual and laid-back but she kicked it up a notch with her patent pumps; only wish she ditched the visible white straps.

I like the silhouette on Shefali, its very playful and feminine and accentuates her curves quite nicely!! And before everyone gets up in arms over Shefali’s look, let me explain why it works… The ‘A-Line’ silhouette of her dress works in drawing attention to her waist and taking the focus off of stomach and hips, while the all back color palette gives the overall look a more slimming appearance… (though this pic isn’t the most flattering, this was the only good full length I could find)

Prachi Desai
Shefali Shah

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