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The ‘Fab-To-Drab’ Face Off

Bhavna Sharma went from retro-kitsch to just plain ‘Wthey’ while Sabina Chopra went from restrained sophistication to, also, just plain ‘Wthey’… But the question is, who had the bigger ‘fab-to-drab’ moment?

bhavna-sharma-d71.jpg bhavna-sharma-tiger-brunch1.jpg

Bhavna Sharma

sabina-chopra-jul27.jpg sabina-chopra-cancer-society1.jpg

Sabina Chopra

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Funky Fresh Or Flunking The Funk?

“Jen” asked whether Nina’s boots were funky or belonged more on a WTHeyyy post…

We loved her style, but what say you?

nina_boots.jpg nina_olive_launch_boots.jpg

Nina Manuel, Olive Launch

Source, Source

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Bag Spotting

I may not have liked her flip flop look but I absolutely loved the Manish Arora bag that Ms. Zinta was carrying at the Olive launch. The bag has the mudra print also seen on one of the shirts showcased in Manish Arora’s Spring 2008 collection.

Preity, Olive Launch
Manish Arora, Spring 2008


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Print. Or Not?

The Sabyasachi dress that Sabina wore couple of months ago was alright but she wore it well and that made all the difference. This time around spotted her in an all black ensemble, accentuated with color in way of accessories; a far cry from the previous print and color that she had donned on… and we loved it.

The LBD is our pick, the edited accessories and pulled back hair elevated the look… she looked great… you agree?

Apr, 08
Jul, 08


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Dressed Down

Preity Zinta attended the Olive launch dressed way way down in a Kings XI Punjab t-shirt, denim capris and flip flops. Wearing a team t-shirt considering that the IPL series is over seemed quite out of place but I still think she looks good. (Can you ever go wrong with black and denims…)

But flip-flops to a restaurant launch? Acceptable or not?

preity_olive_mahalaxmi.jpg preity_olive_mahalaxmi1.jpg

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