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Naeem Khan: Spring 2009


Naeem Khan is known for using heavy embroidery in his collection and it is very evident in his latest Spring collection. Floral patterns can be seen in all the silhouettes, be it the cocktail dress or the evening gown.

You like?




Sabyasachi: Spring 2009


Here is a look at Sabyasachi’s collection for Spring 2009. I still see shades of the last collection(LFW Fall 2008) in this one. What about you?




NY Fashion Week: Naeem Khan


Ok.. This post is really late..and if you consider a fashion timeline…this is six months too late..(Even though NYFW was just a few week ago!)

Naeem Khan’s Spring 2008 collection was part of the NY Fashion Week and every piece, I thought, was just fabulous. Young or old, funky or chic, you are definitely going to find a piece that you will love love love!

For more pics, go here

NY Fashion Week: Sabyasachi


So you all know that while Fashion Week is on in India, there’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week happening in New York, right at the same time. And today Sabyasachi was showing! Oh, I was so excited, thats one designer I was absolutely looking forward to seeing, so imagine my surprise when I acually saw the collection!

I am devastated. It felt as if all that is trademark Sabyasachi was missing and that might have been a good thing if he was trying to move away from the cliché but instead, it just felt lacking! I know am being harsh, but from a designer with his calibre, expectations always tend to run impossibly high.

Not all was bad though. Some pieces were exceptional.

But all in all, was left wondering, is this it? This can’t be it! Is it?

For more pictures of the show go Here


NY Fashion Week: Ashish Soni


While the Wills India Fashion Week is going on in India, the NY Fashion week is also happening and there are a couple of Indian designers that are showcasing their work. One of them is Ashish Soni, who is making his third appearance this year.

Called the “Sporty” collection, it had a lot of soft colors. Soni stuck mostly to grey and white, with a few outfits in yellow and pink. There was a definite bit of Indian influences. He had outfits that were accompanied by Nehru “style” jackets. Some of the pants had very churidar style look and a lot of the dresses and tops have that Rajasthani flairy kurta note to them. Overall, a great collection with some pieces that can be worn every day..

Here is a look at the collection.

Also to be noted is the silver jewellery designed by Arvind Agarwal of Arvino.
For more pics, click here.

Image Source: Getty Images

Can’t wait for the Sabyasachi show tomm!