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In Twos


On Sunday at Cannes, Huma attended the Manto screening wearing an Ali Younes gown and then changing into a slip dress and matching robe by Elio Abou Fayssal for the Fashion For Relief show in the evening.

Of all the red carpet events we’ve seen her at, the Elio look had to be my favorite! Yes, the robe was bulky but compared to all the other looks she’s sported so far, this felt so much more light-weight. Did I already mention she looked fabulous in it?

In Neeta Lulla


The screening of Manto on Sunday at Cannes saw Divya in an ivory and gold Neeta Lulla sari paired with an embellished clutch and pearl and gold jhoomar style Mrinalini Chandra earrings.

We sure loved seeing her in the sari!