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We didn’t like this outfit on Preeti and while we don’t like it on Hrishita either, Hrishita has a better excuse! She had to wear it as part of a film shoot, and you know how producers of low budget movies make you wear the ugliest of outfits! 😉

Hrishita @ “3 Nights 4 Days” Shoot

Preeti @ Lycra MTV Style Awards

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A Piped Piper? A Faceoff

Both Roshan and Bal chose to go with white jackets that had black piping (at two different events) and while Roshan’s was more structured, Bal’s was far more casual!

Who worked it better you think?

Left: Hrithik Roshan At Lycra Mtv Style Awards
Right: Rohit Bal At HDIL Indian Oaks 2008

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Mirror Image?

Tusshar Kapoor seems to have taken some “style” tips from Hrithik Roshan. So I guess when he was wondering how to wear it differently.. that teeny brain inside that head probably spoke back to him and said “Reverse the colors, yaar!”

As for me… am not a fan of either and definitely don’t want to see my man in ’em..

Above: Hrithik at Lycra MTV Style Awards
Below: Tushar Kapoor at Saawariya Premiere


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Fugly Fashion At MTV Lycra Style Awards

MTV along with Lycra had its Style Awards show. The red carpet though had a different “style” story to tell! Look and read on!

Exhibit No. 1

Kim Sharma in this gold sheath dress, which would have looked great except that firstly, her skin color bra is showing and secondly, you can even make out the cup lining of the bra, which is way below the bust line of the dress!

Exhibit No. 2

Kim Sharma’s good friend Preeti Jhangiani wearing a gold sequin dress. Too bad the “Arm Candy (Parveen Dabas)” is also pretty shabbily dressed. Maybe if he weren’t, he would have drawn our eyes away from her ghastly outfit.

Exhibit No.3

Sophie Chaudhry in this off-shoulder dress. It would have made for a pretty good outfit until Sophie’s paunch decided to hog the limelight away from her!

Exhibit No. 4

Ms India Gul Panag, who decided to match her skirt color with her bra!! Sheeesh!

Exhibit No. 5

Another Ms India, Pooja Batra, in this awful green outfit. Who wears clothes with ribbon details in this day and age!

Hopefully next time, it will be much better around…

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So Wrong!


So wrong! Oh-so-very-very wrong!

When Lycra Mtv Style Awards announced their tie up with Om Shanti Om in Bombay a few days ago, thats how Shreyas Talpade turned up at the event! Where does one even start with all things wrong? All that bad styling speaks for itself!

While thankful to the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words, (sure saves my fingers some effort!) I still do dare you to stare at the picture for full 10 seconds without gagging!

Lycra Mtv Style Awards. Style being the operative word. How ironic.


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