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What’s In A Name?


We’ve seen plenty of design houses draw inspiration for their collections from India, nothing new about that… But it’s been quite a trend recently to name products after Indian names which don’t really have an immediate coherent connection/co-relation and that often has us shaking our heads in amusement.

Take a look at these La Perla pieces… interesting eh?

la perla clothing-indian names

L To R: La Perla Manisha Tunic, La Perla Padmaja Kaftan, La Perla Ranja Embellished Maxi, La Perla Riddhi Maxi

la perla swimwear-indian names

L To R: La Perla Saroja Bikini, La Perla Madhu Knot Bikini, La Perla Teja Bikini, La Perla Mohini Knot Bikini