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The Speedy Louis Ladies

Whats more boring than the outfits these ladies chose to wear? The bags they chose to team them with of course.

(What little points Vidya gets for choosing a non-monogrammed LV bag totally gets negated by the outfit she chose to wear! That top just doesn’t go with those pants. Nope)

Nethra With LV Damier Speedy
Vidya Malwade With LV Epi Leather Speedy

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I have been laughing so hard looking at this picture that I practically have tears in my eyes!

Me thinks, Mink might be the follower of the adage that any publicity is good publicity! How else do we explain this!?


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In Mandira Wirk

Spotted Pooja Bedi in a very metallic, lurex dress from Mandira Wirk’s Fall 08 collection…

Pooja Bedi
Mandira Wirk Fall 08


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