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Spotted Kate Beckinsale recently wearing the same lace dress that was worn by Katrina back in 2007. Is it me or do they both look quite similar…?

Kate Beckinsale @ L.A Beach, May 2008
Katrina @ “Partner” Screening, July 2007

P.S. We don’t know the dress yet but are looking for it! 😉

Juicy Couture Lace Dress

Update: “Vasun” helped us find it!! Thanks!

Another Update: “Raspberry” and “SExyDEvil”.. posted your link pics and more!

Mischa Barton In Green and White
Britney and Mischa
Debra Messing
Ashley Tisdale

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The Denim Faceoff!

I have never been a fan of denim dresses! Its just one of those things that not all can pull off! And that brings us to today’s face off…

Which of the two below wears her dress better you think?

Left: Aditi Govitrikar At Amrita Arora’s Birthday Bash
Right: Kate Beckinsale At A PBS Symposium

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