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Dig neither. You?

Amrita Rao At “Sanai Chaugade” Premiere
Kashmira Shah At The ‘City Of Dreams’ Launch


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Flora and Frown’a

‘Carrie’ In SATC Movie

There are floral accents that are so intentionally crazy, OTT and loud that you can’t help but sit back, roll your eyes and write it off as yet another whimsical eccentricity of one of your favorite characters. And then there are floral accents that should have never made their way onto the clothes they were spotted on (not that these outfits are anything to go by in the first place)…

Kashmira Shah
Shruti Seth

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Yup, Its That Problem Again!

Why not learn from previous mistakes? Why not just go strapless?

At A Website Launch
At Bombay Bazaar

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How To: Wear Bright Colors

Kashmira @ All India Achievers

Udita @ Filmfare Awards

Nothing better than a dash of color on the red carpet. It is a welcome change, specially when the eyes are tired of seeing the same ole LBDs. Somehow though, what seemed like a good idea on paper just doesn’t seem right in reality, as seen in the case of Kashmira and Udita.

The idea, though, was executed perfectly, by Cate and Sarah, who also wore bright colors and pulled it off without looking ridiculous! Their secret? Stay away from satin, when wearing such a color!

Cate Blanchett

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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"Bra"iling Issues

Want to wear an outfit that is see-through?

Well, make sure that you wear underwear that doesn’t show. Go for strapless innerwear! Do not be a Kashmira!

But then, what do you do, when that strapless innerwear still manages to peek through like it does for Rani.

Then, my dears, it is time to either to go to the adhesive alternatives or skip the outfit altogether!

Kashmira @ Website Launch

Rani @ Ambani Bash

If you are still daring and want to stick to the pasties, get some adhesive options available at Victoria’s Secret here.

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