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Groovy Baby!

Look who is channeling the groove in her beehive do and mod print dress?

Minus the clutch, we dig!

kanganahaaledil.JPG kanganahaaledil1.JPG

Kangana Ranaut At Haal-e-Dil Premiere

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Almost There

Minus the ‘midriff baring-unnecessarily knotted shirt’ and the floral accent on the shoes… she could have looked retrodorable! (‘retro-adorable’ for the uninitiated!)


Kangana Ranaut At Levis Store Launch


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Spell It Like Kangana!

Have you noticed how Kangana has a penchant for owning bags that always have the brand name spelt out in big letters! ;) Does she not know how to be subtle and still make a statement?

Source and Source

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Rick Roy: Designer Or Darzi?

Does Rick Roy know the difference between a designer and a darzi. A designer creates original pieces, a darzi merely copies a designer’s pieces and can throw in some changes.

Looking at his work, what do you think should be Rick Roy’s correct title?

“Designer” or “Darzi”?

Valentino Fall 2006

Kangana @ 53rd Filmfare Awards

Valentino Spring 2008

Kangana @ SET Stardust Awards 2008

Source, Source, and Source

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Rick Roy: A Little Too Inspired

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw Nalanda’s design that looked exactly like the one from Marchesa. Now, we see a design by Rick Roy for Kangana Ranaut that looks so similar to a design from Valentino’s Spring 2008 collection!

If I were to be in Kangana’s shoes, maybe I would drop someone who was so inspired by other’s designs. ;)

Above: Kangana Ranaut @ SET Stardust Awards 2008
Below: Valentino Spring 2008

Source, Source and Source

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