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Hows ‘Khan’ For A Bag?

Sonali Bendre has one version, and here’s the other one… You like?

As far as the nomenclature goes, anyone else as curious as us??!! 🙂

Buy The Jimmy Choo Khan Eyelet Hobo

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Some Of That Clutch Spotting…

Sonia Garware has those good days and then once in a while, totally falls off the wagon… that dress!! But can’t fault the accessories…

Sonia Garware

Buy The Bottega Veneta Lizard Clutch Via Neiman Marcus

Oversized clutches are the trend but as far as this particular one goes, don’t care for it at all…

Laila Khan Rajpal

Buy The Jimmy Choo Marin Zebra Clutch Via Net-A-Porter

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Clawed And Proud

Its become a sort of joke with us now, every time we find another picture of Kahkashan Patel in her favorite pair of shoes and clutch…we laugh, snicker and then post!! Yes, you might be sick of it already but not us, not yet!! 🙂

We’ve seen her with it a million times already, and then some! Here are a few more pictures of her with the clutch from the archives!! Hilarious!!

At Gucci Launch

At Daboo Ratnani’s Calendar Launch


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Getting High Heeled With Choo

We have seen Priyanka Chopra with a Jimmy Choo Clutch before, so we knew it was only a matter of time before we’d spot her in some Choo shoes! And we did, at the Filmfare awards, Ms. Chopra got high-heeled in some beautiful Choos!

Another person who loves her Choo is Kahkashan Patel, we’ve seen her sport her Choo clutch again and again! We also didn’t miss the fact that she loves her Jimmy Choo shoes, we’ve seen her in those shoes so many many times!! Here’s a newer version of the shoe, a fabulous metallic t-strap from the current collection and if you want indulge in a bit of shoe fetish, go HERE to Buy!


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Choo, A Safe Bet?

Kahkashan Patel sure seems to like her Jimmy Choo clutch, just look at the number of times I have spotted her carrying it past few months! After a point I just lost patience but I can recollect at least a couple of other occasions where she carried it, pictures of which I haven’t posted…

At Bentley Launch

At Chivas Regal Fashion Tour

At MarcCain Fashion Show

At Farah Khan’s Filmfare After Party

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