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Be’jewelled: Get The Look

If you haven’t noticed, necklines embellished with jewelled accents are all over the place and while its a look lot of people seem to crave, its not entirely easy on the pocket and neither does its fate lie decided over the next fashion season or two as far as its longevity is concerned!

So here’s a way you can make that look work for you! If its Simi’s look you need and want, just pin a pretty kundan ‘maang tikka’, or any gemstone (of your preference) ‘maang tikka’ onto the neckline! If its a more understated look, like Minissha’s, you crave after, then all you have to do is pin an elegant brooch on that neckline. One screams for attention, another makes a demure point, either way, its a great way to make a statement for now!

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