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Fake Watch!

Who is going to break the bad news to Moushumi, that the bag she is carrying is not a real YSL Muse!

How do we know it is a fake? That is because all Muse bags have two zips that meet in the middle unlike hers that has only one!

Tsk. Tsk.

See the real one on Waheeda here.

Buy The Muse Via YSL


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Still In Doubt?

Is there still anyone who does not believe that Mahima loves her beige saris?

Hope & A Little Sugar Premiere

Gladrags Mega Model & Manhunt Finals

Shobha De Collection Preview

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In Their Closet

Spotted on Shekhar Suman and Bhavna Pandey, the Gucci GG Belt. While Shekhar wore a white version, Bhavna went with a brown one.

Even with all that hiding, we still managed to find a pic of Bhavna with the belt!

Shekhar Suman

Anu Dewan, Suchitra, Seema & Bhavna

Buy the GG Belt via Gucci

P.S. Don’t miss the Prada Fairy tote on Anu’s arm!!

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