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Doorway To Nostalgia

I get nostalgic pretty easily.. sometimes its a rainy evening or a whiff of a perfume, sometimes, something I’ve eaten, or a rarely spoken phrase, sometimes its a song and sometimes a scene from a movie…it could be a mail, a call, a card, a letter.. and then sometimes, its furniture..

Well, with furniture that has never actually happened before, but when I saw this by Haldane Martin, it took me back to days that can only be categorized as, ‘way-back-when’, to my grandfather’s house where furniture like this was all over the place!

Atleast the chair anyway! Y’all know what am talking about?


Not all of his collection got me nostalgic though! Some of these pieces are really contemporary, modern and very, very minimal! And, really pretty cool.


Whether inciting nostalgia, or vibing ‘futuristic’, the furniture sure had a way of transporting you to a different time and place! Definitely worth a dekho.

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Modern style for less…much less

I have always eyed the Ikea “Klippan” sofa ever since it came out.
I love its clean look and the best part about it was the price of only $249.

But, when I saw the loveseat in person, I found it too small. To sit in it, with someone else, is a little too close for comfort and for how big it, it is too much of a waste of space to be a chair for one.

But now finally, the 4-seater Klippan has arrived! Check it out at Ikea. I haven’t seen it physically and sat on it to comment, but if its roomier to now sit two or more, without having to feel squeezed, it is definately going to be a great buy.

Check it out…

The loveseat and sofa come in a variety of colors but I prefer the white, just cause you can change the look of it with different colored cushions.

Also, check out the online catalog which has the Klippan in room views on Pg 22-23.

Click on the pictures to buy from Ikea.

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