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To Yellow Or Not To Yellow Is The Question

Who did ‘yellow’ better…?

Kangana Ranaut
Aanchal Kumar

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The Fab. The Good. The Nightmare.

At the unveiling of first look at ‘Fashion’, Priyanka looked absolutely fab in her McQueen’ish dress! And while Mugdha looked good too, she ruined it by wearing not-so-great shoes and matching her eye-liner and eye-shadow to the blue of her dress!! Eecks. But hey, nothing took the cake like Kangana did!

Strange dress, yellow satin sash, red flowers-to match-the red of her clutch-to match-the red pumps… What was Kangana thinking? Or was she?

priyanka_fashion_first_look1.JPG mugdha_fashion_first_look.JPG

L To R: Priyanka Chopra, Mugdha Godse, Kangana Ranaut

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