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Face Off!


Left: Isha Koppikar At An NGO Event
Right: Divya Dutta At Peepli Live Screening

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani



If you’ve been reading us long enough, you’ve probably seen the awful appearances Ms. Dutta has given us. (Remember the semi-sheer saris with tacky silver/gold spaghetti blouses that were oh-so-ill-fitting?)

Has Ms. Dutta finally started taking steps in the right direction? We can only be sure after her next appearance. For now, we’ll give this one an ‘Upgrade’.


Divya Dutta at Launch of T20 of Indian Cinema

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

A Welcome Change


Just for a moment lets get past the mediocre (and sort of ill-fitting) dress and appreciate the fact that Divya finally moved past all that is strapless… Yay!

Baby steps.

We still have hopes for this one, we do!


Divya Dutta At Derby Cafe Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

More Of The Same


A lot more of the same! Its hard to miss the pattern here.

Divya Dutta is a nice looking woman but her choices in clothes majorly let her down. We understand that she’s lost a lot of weight and completely wants to rework her image but going this route is hardly doing her any favors!

One doesn’t have to wear expensive designer duds to look good, there are so many, many options. Step one is always choosing body-appropriate clothes. And in Divya’s case, that has to be stepping away from tube tops/necklines.

Investing in some shoes wouldn’t hurt either. Even if its one basic pair, we wouldn’t mind looking at her wear it out event after event! Anything over these atrocities.

We say it out of love Ms. Dutta. :)


Divya Dutta At Iosis Spa Launch


L To R: At Dev D Premiere, Welcome To Sajjanpur Premiere, ITA Awards, 1920 Music Launch And At Drona Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Little Black Dress. Lot To Boo-Hoo About.


Karisma Kapoor might have worn a similar dress as Ms. Dutta before but thats about where all similarities end.

Why Ms. Dutta insists on doing this to herself time and again is beyond us.


Divya Dutta At Dev D Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani