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Priyanka On Verve: (Un)Covered

After so many appearances in short numbers, it is refreshing to see her in something different.

(And no! The one from the Police Diwali Show doesn’t count!)

Left: Priyanka Chopra On Verve India
Right: Christian Dior, Fall 2008

Source and Source

Edit: Updated Pic

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Ash In Vogue: (Un)Covered

Finally, here are pictures of Aishwarya Rai from Vogue, all in one place!

(Couldn’t find runway pictures for the last two, when I do, will update the post)


Christian Dior Couture Fall 08

In Armani Prive
In Valentino

Armani Prive Couture Fall 08
Valentino Couture Fall 08


Left: In Halston

Source, Source

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Ash In Vogue: (Un)Covered

What do you all think of this cover? I quite like the understated old-world glamour and the earthiness of the cover…

Update: Aishwarya is in Christian Dior Couture, Fall 08 and have added the runway picture.
Thanks ‘Sweta’ and ‘Tehzeeb’ for the tip-off!


Aishwarya Rai On The Vogue Cover


Christian Dior Couture Fall 2008

Photo Credit: Vogue India


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Bag Spotting

deepika_dior.JPG dior_lady_shopper.jpg

Deepika Padukone with the Dior Lady Shopper ( Buy )

Turns out that the fiery red oversized bag found on Deepika’s arm is a Dior tote but at $1990, is this bag really worth all that moolah? Not for me!

P.S. Thanks to ‘saba’ for the tipoff!

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Gracefully Diors


P.S. If you do happen to check this line out in person, remember to drop us a line and tell us what you think…

Via MailToday


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