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Name Dropper


Enough has been said about Ms. Khosla’s rhinestone ‘Versace’, so am not going to waste my breath on it… however, got to admit, with that ‘Fendi’ logo cuff, she is atleast one step closer to tasteful. I said one step closer… there is nothing tasteful about sporting logos!

At Bentley Launch, 07

At Bhushan Kumar’s Party, 08

If you must own one yourself, consider these brighter, sunnier, spring-ready ones…. but only, if you must! :)

Buy The Lemon Yellow Cuff Via Eluxury
Buy The Apple Green Cuff Via Eluxury

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A Hard Nut To Crack…


Seen below, Hard Kaur in her two avatars! Now, why can’t people be consistent with their style choices?!!? Its not that the look on the left (below) is anything spectacular, but compared to the monstrosity on the right… :)

Left: At Fashion Designer Kanwaljit Kaur’s Party
Right: At Ayesha Jhulka’s Spa/Salon Launch

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Devaluing Gold


Two times the charm? No. People just don’t learn…

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The ‘WTH’, Two-In-One Edition


‘WTHeyy’ is probably the politest exclamation that comes to mind when looking at this picture. Rakshanda Khan (left) in a printed dress that does absolutely nothing for her and probably the fact that the dress could use a couple of more inches in length is least of its troubles…but, where does one even begin with Maheka Mirpuri’s (right) outfit?

Ignore the sleeves for a second (if your eyes even went there), what astounds me is, for a designer how could she not notice what that detailing/embellishment on her neckline and bust were doing (rather not) for her…!!??


Take Two


The version in white that Sameera wore at Neeta Lulla’s show didn’t work for us then, the version in cream/beige that she wore at a recent press conference doesn’t work for us now!

Something about it screams ‘costume-y’ and might undoubtedly look great on film, but we wish it stayed put on the sets!

Left: At LIFW
Right: At A Press Conference

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