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In Jenny Packham.

So if you were wondering who was the designer of Katrina’s disappointing gown, now you know!

katrinasingh.jpg jennypackhamfall2007.jpg

Left: Katrina, “Singh Is Kinng” Music Launch
Right: Jenny Packham Fall 2007

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In Shahab Durazi.

We finally found out that not only was Aishwarya wearing a Shahab Durazi gown on day two of IIFA, her black sari and black dress were also Shahab Durazi creations.

We couldn’t find runway pics of the sari or the gown but we did find some variations of the dress she wore to the press conference.

Thanks “étoile” for the tip about the gown!

P.S. Why is there a black ribbon on that gown! So unnecessary!

Aishwaya @ “Sarkar Raj” Premiere
Aiswarya @ IIFA Fashion Extravaganza

Aishwarya @ Unforgettable Press Conference
shahab2.jpg shahab1.jpg

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An Encore

Aishwarya and Abhishek walked the red carpet in black yet again for day two of IIFA 2008. And how weird, that Mrs. Bachchan wore a gown with detailing that was so similar to her sari from day one! (Am guessing… it is the same designer… the Jani-Khosla duo, perhaps?)

ashiifadaytwo.jpg ashiifadaytwo1.jpg
ashiifadaytwo2.jpg iifadaytwo4.jpg


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