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Black Vs. Black

Which LBD does she wear better?

At ‘Get Gorgeous’ Event
At CMAI Apex Awards

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Fab, Drab Or Your Average Joe?

Spotted Hard Kaur in an outfit from Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi’s collection. You like?


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Back In Black

And she is back to black! She can do better (and has), this dress does nothing for me.

mahima-1920-12.jpg mahima-1920-21.jpg

Mahima Chaudhary At The 1920 Film Book Launch

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Baby Steps

Loved the blue shoes. Well anything would be an improvement over those ghastly pink ones!

(If only she upgraded her dress a bit, it would’ve been perfect!)

Oct, 07
July, 08


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In Jenny Packham.

So if you were wondering who was the designer of Katrina’s disappointing gown, now you know!

katrinasingh.jpg jennypackhamfall2007.jpg

Left: Katrina, “Singh Is Kinng” Music Launch
Right: Jenny Packham Fall 2007

Source, Source

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