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Ms(Print) Lara!


I am not a big fan of the monogrammed LV. But, I still think people who carry a monogrammed LV should wear an outfit that is more of a solid color. But, when you couple a bag like that with a horsebit print like the dress Lara is wearing..it just gets too busy..It’s almost like a war!(A war between the horsebit print and the monograms and somewhere in between is Lara!)


Eeeks Ekta!


How do you ruin a good grey dress. You wear nude panty hose and put on slides! That is what Ekta Kapoor did at the Zee Rishto Ka Utsav event.

Here is a tip for you, Dear Ekta. Never wear open toe shoes if you are wearing panty hose! And get rid of those ugly slides too!


When Just Money Won’t Do


Money can just about buy anything! Even a Birkin. But style? That’d be a no dahlinks!!

Take one look at Madhoo only to know! A birkin she has. But look at the way she turned out for the Sabyasachi party at the Lakme India Fashion Week, 2008 (picture on the right)!! Style, she has not.

An ugly printed top. An uglier belt. Work on the side seams of her pants, seems like some sort of whipstitching. Strange plastic’y, resin-like bangles on one of her hands. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

And people like her have Birkins. Its a cryin’ shame.


Udita Does Bad Fashion



Thats Udita Goswami at the press conference of Aggar in Bombay and where do I even start with that outfit? How wrong is it? I just want to yank that flower off that collar! The pitiful thing is, it doesn’t even look like anything, just a couple of odds and ends sewn together! And those pearls? Doesn’t really go now does it? While the whole strand of pearls being a classic and can’t go wrong with it is a given, Ms. Goswami just showed us, how not to! Oh wait, since there is pearl or pearl-like detailing on the hemline, on the sleeve and elsewhere, maybe she thought she couldn’t go wrong! But people, there is something called over-doing.

The dress looked washed out, over-detailed and she just plain looked poorly styled.

As someone famous would say, “Egad”!!

Cute Top Gone Bad!


I am not talking about Jessica Simpson. I am referring to Ms Vivica Fox. Yup.. that is her.. not your ghar ki bai! She is wearing an Indian style tie and dye top except she has paired them with reallly fugly Orangy Pants.

tsk tsk…What was she thinking!! No wonder, the paparazzi was swarming towards Jessica Simpson and totally ignored the poor thing!

Now consider the same top with a white capri or pants. Would have looked heavenly!!

If you want to see how to wear tie and dye in style, take some tips from the very fashionable Ms. Stefani…