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Found: Sophie’s Dress


Thank the lord for eBay. You can just about find everything on there! Like today, where I went searching for something else and stumbled upon the Bebe dress worn by Sophie to the Aston Martin bash couple of months ago.

There are a couple of listings on eBay for the same dress so you get to pick and choose! ;)

sophieaston_bebe.jpg bebe_sophie.jpg

P.S Thanks to “Epiphany” (who as anonymous) pointed out that this was a Bebe dress way before!


Color Bright, Color Right!


You gotta give it to Sophie for playing with colors, unlike some other people.(OK. OK. I don’t hate Mahima, just wanna see her in something other than beige, black and white…)

Is it me, or does the pleat on Sophie’s remind you of this RM dress?

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