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Almost, But Not Quite

Clearly a case of over doing it! The normally hot Shweta Salve really missed the mark this time. In theory, it was a great idea to break up the monochromatic black and white look with some color, but clearly that pink clutch, the blue (?) eye-shadow and that bracelet just don’t work! With just a little editing, she would have totally made it work!

Shweta Salve


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Flora and Frown’a

‘Carrie’ In SATC Movie

There are floral accents that are so intentionally crazy, OTT and loud that you can’t help but sit back, roll your eyes and write it off as yet another whimsical eccentricity of one of your favorite characters. And then there are floral accents that should have never made their way onto the clothes they were spotted on (not that these outfits are anything to go by in the first place)…

Kashmira Shah
Shruti Seth

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