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Tapsee attended actor Manoj Manchu’s engagement ceremony in Hyderabad today wearing a cream lehenga by the designer duo, Rimple & Harpreet Narula, and accessories from Just Jewellery.

Considering I wasn’t a fan of the wide neckline, am glad Tapsee wore the dupatta the way she did.

She looked lovely.


Left: Rimple & Harpreet Narula, Couture Week 2014
Right: Taapsee Pannu at Manoj Manchu’s Engagement Ceremony

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  1. She looks beautiful and I think it well styled. But I do think it is OTT. I get that she is close to the family and it was a really grand ceremony but its still OTT. Even Lakshmi Manchu who is the groom’s sister wasn’t so dressed up.

  2. I understand that she was in Andhra. But still for an engagement ceremony this is definitely OTT. I like the lehenga. These are filtered pics so we can never really say how she actually fared.

  3. P&P, please post some pics of Manchu Manoj’s engagement event. Amazing dressing and awesome jewelry….Love what Lakshmi Prasanna is wearing too.

  4. Well frankly she doesn’t look ott to my eyes… Maybe a result of attending too many hyderabad weddings!!!! Or simply Bcoz she picked a classy outfit and not a very in your face kind of an outfit….. Ps- Upasana too attended the event… What was she wearing… And please do a post on the bride too… She looked nice


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