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Taapsee attended promotions for Mission Mangal on Thursday and Friday, first in a Soup By Sougat Paul sari paired with a sleeveless denim jacket and sneakers and then in a Bloni one featuring a sheer sleeved blouse.

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Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That pocket on denim jacket looks awkward and funny
    and although saree is not doing much for her in first look, yet she manages to look pretty.

  2. Even when she tries to be original it seems not to be the case. All these looks are so off. Tapasree has no sense if inherent style like most of her clan. They just wear what others want them to wear.

  3. This is an absolute WTH !!
    Bastardizing the saree in the name of modernizing it, giving it a spin …
    And this is not even resulting in something eye pleasing

  4. There is no good reason to wear these monstrosities except a terrible need to stand out. I am willing to put my money that nobody likes that including herself. She is consciously choosing this to reflect her choice in movies – left of center. Way way way left.

  5. Tapasi is on a mission to ruin saris.
    She lacks charism and tries to stand with her off beat stlyes. But the atrocities she puts saris to are going too far.

  6. Dear Tapsee, please just copy Kangana or Vidya or someone and be done with it until this movie promos and success party is over for Mission Mangal. Don’t even waste money on a stylist. Their are a hundred ways to wear a saree in India (Karnataka style, Andhra style, gujju style, iyer style etc) and looks like your stylist has a thousand ways to spoil it!
    You’re taking away what this movie is about (about women who were behind the Mangalyan mission, some whom we knew as friend’s friend’s aunt or mum or a far off relative and felt proud of the teeny connection we had with them).All I see is these pieces of work in the name of sarees which you wear during promos which I assume is apparently a ‘in character look’ as per Bollywood.
    I’m now scared how they would represent Mrs Sudha Murthy of Infosys foundation who is known for her simplicity in her attire, not wearing gold and always wearing a string of jasmine (hope Ashwini Tewari does justice in the costume department)… In the movie and the promos.


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