Fresh Off The Runway!

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Turns out Mugdha was wearing a Swapnil Shinde creation from his Spring 2009 collection.

Thanks ‘jm’ for the tip-off!


Left: Mugdha Godse, ‘Fashion’ Success Bash
Right: Swapnil Shinde, Spring 2009


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  1. I think it looks way edgier on the runway. I don’t know if the colors are actually different or its just the light (imo, it’s the light) but it looks nicer darker.

  2. I think I’m slowly falling in love with this Mugdha character. I can’t think of too many people in Bwood who could do this dress properly (Sonam Kapoor is the only one who comes to mind, right now). I don’t even mind the shiny factor! What an absolute doll.

  3. the dress is meant to make a woman look bad, the material is fine, its hannging, its short and its tight around the waist, so an inch of fat here and there will show in a jiffi but this girl Megda looks nice wearing it

  4. hmm..when i first saw this dress in the previous post ,i hated it but now on retrospect i think it looks good,it actually makes mugdha look good

  5. I certainly think its an interesting dress and its very edgy…I love it…but I love the darker color on the model…still Mugdha looks very very good in this dress…I just wish I had the figure to pull off such clothes …sigh!

  6. Seen the dress upclose…n the lights were bad when Mughda was wearing it n she skipped the belt…. The runway pic is the one of how the dress actually looks….N it is a striking pc, trust me!!!


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